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PS4 trophy system also lists trophies by global rarity

PlayStation 4 trophies are sticking with the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze classifications that PS3 established, but in next-gen, each trophy will also come with a rarity stat depending on how many global users have unlocked it.

The feature was reportedly shown off a Sony event in New York. It included a video that detailed the PS4 interface. Watch it through the link.

Kotaku reports that unlocked trophies will be classified as rare, very rare, or ultra rare. This rarity will shift dynamically depending on how many PS4 users have unlocked a particular trophy.

Speaking of PS4 trophies, Here's the Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 trophy list, and the Need for Speed: Rivals PS4 trophies.

What do you think of the rarity system?

Via CVG.

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