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Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer footage shows running around a rock in 60FPS

Guerrilla Games has released a slightly baffling multiplayer trailer for Killzone: Shadowfall, which is only about a minute long but contains an awful lot of running around very large boulders. Someone's neck gets snapped though, so it's a video game. What's more if you're OK skipping Youtube for this one, you can watch that neck get snapped at 60 frames per second.

Honestly I think this footage is a pretty good look into what your actual lives will look like: melee a guy who isn't looking at you, shoot another guy who isn't looking at you, get shot from somewhere?

All it's missing is respawning and dying within 3 seconds of seeing someone and that's my entire multiplayer life.

Shadow Fall is coming out on the 15th of November.

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