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DriveClub and PS4 Share feature shown off with three very short gameplay videos

Using the PlayStation 4's Share feature you'll be able to quickly and easily post gameplay footage to social media - as Sony has done here, showing off three short gameplay snippets from Evolution's delayed racer DriveClub.

In the three Facebook posts below, you'll see gameplay captured and shared directly from a PS4.

The Norway Impact scene is a race on a 7,703' mountain; Scotland Racing gives a glimpse at AI opponents; and India Stampede shows off Bandipur, a tropical dry forest region in India.

In notes accompanying the videos, Evolution Studios said maany features are yet to beimplemented or finalised - so expect the game to look even better when it finally releases.

"The sun, the clouds and the ambient lighting inside the car will all look better soon, because we're about to upgrade the lighting and atmospheric optics. When we do, we will share a full race with you. You won't have to wait much longer," the developer said.

"The AI and the audio are still being improved too, because we care about even the smallest details. You can expect to hear better engine and collision sounds in the game, which we'll keep showing you more of during development.

"We're about to start improving the reflections in the mirrors too - so this video doesn't represent the final game."

The PlayStation 4 launches in November. DriveClub is coming in early 2014, having missed the console's launch.

Thanks, Pytox.

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