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Poll reveals most popular Pokemon of Scarlet and Violet

The top spot goes to the most deserving Pokemon of them all.

First spotted by the lovely folk over at Nintendo Life, a poll ran by GameWith has determined what everyone's favourite Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokemon are. With the addition of Generation 9, we were finally privy to our 1000th Pokemon, and with Scarlet and Violet boasting over 400 of them to catch, it’s quite difficult to determine your favourite.

The top thirty most popular Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet were voted for in Japan between December 16 and 23, with 177,829 fans participating in the poll. The results featured a few expected fan-favourites, such as various Eeveelutions, Lucario, Gardevoir, and Gengar. Koraidon and Miraidon also managed to make their way into the top 20, alongside all-new mouse family Pokemon, Maushold.

Who earns the top spot, however? I know full well who my favourite Generation 9 Pokemon is, and it turns out that I’m far from alone with that sentiment. The Pokemon with the most votes is the bunny-shaped beast that is Tinkaton. A Steel/Fairy-type Pokemon that packs a punch, this baddie swept the Elite Four for me, and I love them.

Up second is new Wooper evolution, Clodsire, with final evolution of Paldean starter, Meowscarada, coming in third. The top thirty also features Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Fuecoco’s final evolution, Skeledirge. You’ll also notice that Quaxly and their evolutions do not make it into the top thirty Pokemon of Generation 9, and while it’s a sorry sight to see, the obnoxious dancing duck deserves it.

For those who can’t access the results in the tweet above, the top thirty Pokemon are as follows:

  1. Tinkaton
  2. Clodsire
  3. Sprigatito
  4. Fuecoco
  5. Ceruledge
  6. Tatsugiri
  7. Sylveon
  8. Slither Wing
  9. Lucario
  10. Gardevoir
  11. Mimikyu
  12. Koraidon
  13. Gengar
  14. Sprigatito
  15. Pawmot
  16. Umbreon
  17. Maushold
  18. Miraidon
  19. Pawmi
  20. Glaceon
  21. Dragapult
  22. Garchomp
  23. Hydreigon
  24. Volcarona
  25. Charizard
  26. Luxray
  27. Iron Valiant
  28. Eevee
  29. Skeldirge
  30. Quagsire

Did your personal favourite make it into the top thirty? If not, let us know where it ranked!

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