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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet stakes: All ominous stake locations for each shrine

Legendary scavenger hunt

If you’ve run across stakes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and aren’t quite sure what to do with them or where to find more, there’s a good reason for that. Pokemon stakes are integral to Paldea’s lore and finding the region’s four legendary Pokemon, but you only figure out what they do and how to access the Pokemon’s shrines if you diligently attend your history class.

If you don’t feel like sitting through lectures, then you’re in luck. This guide lists where to find each stake and shrine, along with which Pokemon you’ll encounter once you find them all.

You can access most of the stakes even without powering up Koraidon and Miraidon, but you’re better off waiting to unlock the shrines until a bit later in the game. The Pokemon inside are quite powerful.

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Pokemon stake locations and shrines

What are stakes for in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

There are four shrines in Paldea, each with eight stakes that match the shrine of the same color, for a total of 32 stakes. Once you find a stake, approach it and choose to pull it out. The stake will disappear, but that’s fine. The only reason it exists is for you to pull it out anyway.

Find the corresponding shrine once you’ve pulled up all eight, and get ready for a battle against a level 60 legendary Pokemon.

You can find them in any order. We’ve just listed them below in the order we found them.

Purple stake locations

Here’s where to find each purple stake for the Grasswither Shrine in South Provnice

Purple stake 1

The first stake is on a tall rocky outcrop overlooking Artazon, to that city's southwest. You'll need the fly or high jump ability to get this one.

Purple stake 2

The second stake is technically in South Province Area One, but you can only get to it from Area Five. Take the bridge from Area Three south to reach Area Five early.

Purple stake 3

Stake 3 is a bit further north from the second one, on a small ledge overlooking Mesigoza.

Purple stake 4

Stake four is in Area Three, on a small rise you can jump to.

Purple stake 5

The next one is in Area Six, overlooking Los Platos near a lake.

Purple stake 6

Back in Area Five, you'll find the next stake at the top of a hill near the land bridge from Area Three.

Purple stake 7

This one is in the wastes of Area Three, overlooking East Province. You'll find it easier to get this one if you have the high jump skill.

Purple stake 8

The last stake is on a hill overlooking the Grasswither Shrine in Area Five.

Grasswither shrine location

Hop down the hill to access the Grasswither Shrine, where you'll find a level 60 Wo-Chien. Wo-Chien is a Grass and Dark dual type, so bring along Fire, Flying, and Fairy if you need a type advantage.

Yellow stake locations

The yellow stakes are in West Province for the most part, including one nestled in Cascarrafa.

Yellow stake 1

The first stake is in South Province Area Six, north of Alfornada, on a ledge overlooking West Province.

Yellow stake 2

This one is in West Province Area One, south of the Pokemon center. While flying is easier, you can get there by approaching it from the west side and leaping over.

Yellow stake 3

The next stake is northwest of the same Pokemon Center, on yet another rocky ledge.

Yellow stake 4

The next stake is on a ledge overlooking the ruins south of Cascaraffa. You'll need the high jump ability to reach it.

Yellow stake 5

You'll also need high jump, fly, or swim to reach this one, which is tucked away near the Crater of Paldea on the other side of a river with no bridge

Yellow stake 6

This next stake is behind the Cascaraffa Gym, beside a tree near the pond there.

Yellow stake 7

Head back to Alfornada for this one, and leap off the eastern cliffs until you reach the point shown on the map.

Yellow stake 8

The final yellow stake is in the cave north of Alfornada.

Icerind Shrine location

The Icerind Shrine is home to Chien-Pao, a level 60 Dark and Ice dual type. Fighting is an excellent choice here, though since it's four times as effective, mind you don't accidentally KO Chien-Pao. Use status effect moves and False Swipe if you're cautious.

Blue stake locations

Hunting down the blue stakes takes you to North Province and Glaseado Mountain.

Blue stake 1

Northeast of Glaseado Mountain is a small beach area. This stake is nestled among some trees nearby.

Blue stake 2

This stake is in North Province Area One, on a narrow rocky rise that you need high jump to reach.

Blue stake 3

Jump onto this ledge northeast of Tagtree Thicket to find the next stake.

Blue stake 4

Head south from the Glaseado Gym until you reach the rocky hills where the snow disappears. You can hop down to the ledge where this stake is from there.

Blue stake 5

This stake is a bit different, as it's just outside Levincia City in East Province.

Blue stake 6

The ruins of North Province Area Two are where you'll find this stake.

Blue stake 7

High up on the hill northeast of North Province Area 2's Pokemon Center is home to this stake.

Blue stake 8

The final stake is south of the North Province watchtower.

Firescourage Shrine location

The blue shrine is right near the final stake. Chi-Yu is waiting inside, a level 60 Dark and Fire dual type. There's no easy way to exploit both types, so take a Fairy, Electric, or Grass Pokemon along.

Green stake locations

The green stakes are mostly in West Province around the lake and on the edge of Glaseado Mountain.

Green stake 1

The first of our green stakes is in a cave north of Asado Desert.

Green stake 2

The next stake is north of where you found the first one, just south of the river. Head east along the road from Port Marinada, and keep going straight instead of turning left at the bridge.

Green stake 3

On a small outcrop north of Port Marinada is where you'll find this stake.

Green stake 4

Head to the small island in Casseroya Lake, the one south of the region's watchtower, to find this stake.

Green stake 5

The next one is east of the watchtower, on the larger island north of where the previous stake was.

Green stake 6

This one is tucked away on a ledge overlooking the river. You can hop down from Glaseado Mountain to reach it if you don't have high jump yet.

Green stake 7

Travel to the north, where Glaseado Mountain meets the Socarrat Trail, to find the penultimate green stake.

Green stake 8

The final stake is west of Socarrat Trail, on a high rocky rise.

Groundblight Shrine location

The green shrine is in the center of the Socarrat Trail. Inside is a level 60 Ting-Lu, a Dark and Ground type Pokemon. Fairy, Grass, and Water would all serve you well in this battle.

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