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You can now catch Emboar and Serperior in Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Two new Pokemon are now available for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire through the official Pokemon website’s special event.


You can pick up the fire, fighting type Pokemon Emboar from January 28 - November 30, per IGN, using the special code POKEMON500.

Enter it into the Mystery Gift section from the main game menu to receive Emboar with its Hidden Ability Reckless. Go to Mystery Gift, then Receive Gift, then Get With Code and enter the code.

Once Emboar is downloaded, just head over to speak with delivery lady at any Pokemon Center to get him.

This Pokemon will be in a Cherish Ball, have the original trainer "Present," and have a Classic Ribbon attached.

The other Pokemon is grass type Pokemon Serperior with its Hidden Ability Contrary. Follow the same steps noted above and enter the code POKEMON497 between January 28 - November 30.

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