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Pokemon-like MMO Temtem comes to consoles and PC in September

Seek adventure in the Airborne Archipelago.

Humble Games and Crema have announced that following its successful Early Access release, version 1.0 of Temtem will arrive on consoles and PC September 6.

Upon release, players of the adventure game will be able to experience new features, such as Seasons, the final island of Archipelago, and new weekly quests.

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Temtem is an MMO creature-collection game where you will seek adventure in the Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. You can catch every Temtem, battle other tamers, customize your house, join a friend's adventure or explore the online world.

It features a story campaign that takes you across six islands as you strive to become a Temtem tamer while also fighting against the evil Clan Belsoto. Because the game is an MMO, you will run into other players and can join forces to work together toward a common goal.

The game also features housing, and you can decorate it however you like by purchasing furniture, wall colors, and more. You can also customize your character and earn new cosmetics when you battle other tamers.

For those with a competitive streak, you can also battle other players. You will start by choosing eight Temtem and the pick and ban phase will begin. Take turns with your rival to pick your Temtem and ban theirs. When all the decisions are made and the turns are ended, you will end up with a squad of five Temtem and the battle will begin.

After the launch of 1.0, you can expect seasonal updates and a Battle Pass with free and premium awards tracks. The final island will be added, completing the Airborne Archipelago, and it will feature new activities through which you can test yourself as a Temtem tamer. It will feature new places to shop, and new areas to explore. Weekly quests will also be updated regularly post-launch.

Both digital and physical versions of Temtem are available to pre-order now on PC via the Humble Store and Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X, with Nintendo Switch pre-orders to be available soon. A Digital Deluxe version, which includes the complete game and cosmetic bonuses, is also available for pre-order.

Additionally, a curated bundle will be available for purchase separately from the game with the Temtem Collector’s Edition. The bundle will include a statue diorama, replica Temcards, enamel pins, and more.

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