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Pokemon Go Region Exclusives: catch locations for Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, Heatmor, Durant and all other regional Pokemon

No matter what you do, you won't find these region exclusive Pokemon in the wild outside of their natural habitats in Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon Go Pokedex is bigger than ever now - and while you've likely got more than enough on your plate trying to catch 'em all in general, it unfortunately is even more complicated than it first appears thanks to region-exclusive Pokemon - creatures that only appear in certain parts of the world.

The Pokemon Go regional exclusives range right from first-generation creatures right on up to region exclusive Pokemon from gen 5, the most recent addition to the world of Pokemon Go. Your only option to get your hands on these Pokemon, apart from special events, is to travel to a different part of the world or trade with friends who have visited or are from the regions where these Pokemon exclusively appear. Either way, it's an opportunity for this silly little mobile game to encourage a cultural exchange - which is rather cool.

In some cases the region exclusive Pokemon can hatch from eggs, depending on the egg chart - but these will still be limited by their regions. So a Japan-exclusive Pokemon will only hatch from an egg that originated from a PokeStop or gift from Japan. Sometimes special events such as the 2019 world tourism day event might allow you to catch or hatch Pokemon outside of their natural regions - but this is a rare occurrence.

None of these region exclusive Pokemon are quite strong enough to really make a major dent on the list of best Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but several are useful in battle - and of course, they add to your Pokedex completion. Several of these Pokemon also have shiny forms - and the same spawning rules apply to the shiny variants.

PokemonTypeEncounter Regions
Farfetch'd Normal / FlyingJapan South Korea
Kangaskhan NormalAustralasia
Mr. Mime Psychic / FairyEurope
Tauros NormalUnited States
Heracross Bug / FightingSouth America
Corsola Rock / WaterTropical Coastlines
Volbeat BugAsia Australasia Europe
Illumise BugAfrica The Americas
Torkoal FireSouth Asia
Zangoose NormalAsia Australasia Europe
Seviper PosionThe Americas Africa
Lunatone Psychic / RockAsia Australia Europe
Solrock Psychic / RockAfrica The Americas
Tropius Grass / FlyingAfrica The Mediterranean
Relicanth Rock / WaterNew Zealand & surrounding islands
Pachirisu ElectricCanada Russia
Mime Jr. Psychic / FairyEurope (from EU eggs)
Chatot Normal / FlyingSouthern Hemisphere
Carnivine GrassUSA - Florida & South Carolina
Pansage GrassAsia Pacific
Pansear FireAfrica Europe Middle-East
Panpour WaterThe Americas
Heatmor FireAfrica The Americas
Durant Bug / SteelAsia Australasia Europe

Pokemon Go Regional Exclusives Location Map

If you prefer something a little more visual than a list, we've got you covered. User zoglandboy of the brilliant Pokemon Go community on The Silph Road reddit has been compiling an interactive map using Google's tools - and you can find that below.

That map is pretty simple - it uses Google's mapping tools, but fans have worked together to figure out the exact regional spawn areas of the Pokemon - and then have marked them on the map as outlines. You can filter out specific Pokemon in order to show exactly what you want - and it can be a useful way to double-check spawns if you're unsure in the full region exclusive list and spawn locations above.

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