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Pokemon Go player in the US has caught all available 142 Pokemon

Except for the three legendary birds, legendaries Mewtwo and Ditto and the region-locked Pokemon, one Pokemon Go player in the US has pretty much caught them all.


According to a post on reddit from ftb_hodor, he walked 153.2km and caught a grand total of 4,629 Pokemon and hatched 303 eggs.

He also walked a total of 153km, according to the game which doesn't appear to be accurate, as his health app used during this time recorded 129.04 miles which is about 200km.

Some of the 150 Pokemon available in the app are region-locked, at least for now it seems. Tauros is a North America exclusive, Europe has Mr. Mime, Farfetch'd is exclusive to Asia, and Kangaskhan to Australia.

Many claim they have acquired these Pokemon from eggs, so we're not too sure how region locked works or if it is indeed a thing.

"Have talked to hundreds of people who have similar level or Pokedex to me," ftb_hodor said in the thread. "Even if they are available in eggs, by time I get them I'm sure trading will be out and it will be moot."

Trading has been part of the plan from the get-go, but developer Niantic Labs hasn't provided a time table for the update. The app will also support Pokemon from other generations at some point, but for now users will have to be content with first-gen characters.

Pokemon Go was initially released on July 6 and became explosively popular within days of availability. If you too are Trying to catch Pokemon and need some tips? Find out everything you need to know about Pokemon Go - we cover pretty much everything, from downloading the app to gyms, teams, beginners tips, advanced strategies and more in our handy guide.

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