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What is Sony's mysterious gamescom 2014 reveal?

This is driving me crazy, people. What in the heck is Sony teasing for gamescom 2014?

A second #PlayStationGC teaser video has been uploaded ahead of an anticipated gamescom 2014 reveal, announce, or - something.

I'm starting to really lean towards Until Dawn, Supermassive Games' cabin-in-the-woods style adventure. The first teaser showed blood and snow, and now we have an axe and the words "it's coming". Hmm!

I'm really excited about gamescom, you guys! It kicks off next week and we should see some great stuff. It's not just the possibility of reveals; there's plenty still we don't know about the big games of the holiday release season, and since the next few months are jam-packed with goodies, I'm pretty keen.

In case you've forgotten what Until Dawn is, here's the trailer.

Maybe Move support has been dropped in favour of Project Morpheus?

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