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Fancy a Palworld playthrough that violates the Geneva Conventions? Try breeding nearly 2000 dinosaurs with missile launchers

Life surrounded by a Jurassic tonne of Relaxsauri isn’t that relaxing, as it turns out.

A bunch of Relaxsaurus in Palworld.
Image credit: VG247/Pocketpair/Vash Cowaii

Inspired by a Reddit post (what else?) a Palworld player has managed to breed close to 2000 of the game’s missile-wielding dinosaur Pals and cause about as much chaos as that meteor that wiped out the T-rexes and Diplodocuses of our own world.

Now that the whole Palworld/Pokemon discourse has died down a bit, its legions of players are just getting on with enjoying the game and/or auditioning for the Pal X Games. In the case of one player this has ended up taking the form of breeding a whole bunch of Relaxauri in an effort to prove that people should appreciate the Pal a bit more and casually destroy the game’s world in the process.

“I'd been greatly interested in Relaxaurus for memes since the start, but after seeing a Reddit post lamenting the sorry state of his appreciation, that was the final push I needed to commit,” YouTuber Vash Cowaii wrote in the description of their most recent video. What’re they referring to, you ask? Oh just breeding 1,856 or so versions of Relaxaurus and heading out on a rampage.

Yes, as you can watch below, once they’d hatched almost 2000 eggs and taken a second to appreciate some of the goofy dinos standing in a pile, Vash Cowaii teamed up with a gang of mates to take on some bosses with some PC-melting missile barrages. From Victor and Shadowbeak to level 50 legendary pals like Frostallion and Necromus, none were spared from explosive onslaught a herd of Relaxauri is capable of unleashing.

It seems like one of the biggest challenges the group ran into, aside from having to try and level their pals up as quickly as possible in order to inflict a decent amount of damage, was the fact their barrages made it difficult to actually see the enemy within the array of booms and bangs going off around it. Oh, and trying not to get too caught up in making their Pal dance by rapidly equipping and unequipping its missile launcher.

“Had a good bit of fun with this one,” Vash Cowaii explained in a Reddit thread about their playthrough, “Hungry Missile still has a lot of issues, but it does excel in the tower boss arena due to the geometry there allowing the missiles to hit way more often than they would in the overworld with their [bad] tracking.”

In response to one user suggesting that using some Relaxaurus Lux instead might make things even deadlieir, they added: “I [don’t know] what it is, but Lux detracts from the vanilla derpiness, imo. Considered it, opted not to.”

Trying to get started with Palworld so you can soon be getting up to your own interesting antics in it? Make sure to check out our array of guides to everything from getting plenty of eggs to moving your base.

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