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Fancy becoming a Palworld Tony Hawk? All you need is a Chillet and a skatepark

The first person to nail the 900 while riding one of their Pals will be my actual hero.

A player riding a Pal in Palworld alongside someone skateboarding in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater™ 1 + 2.
Image credit: VG247/Pocketpair/Activision

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your Palworld experience and happen to be fond of a little Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, you should probably check out what one player has gotten up to with a Chillet they’ve managed to nab.

Yes, while a lot of us have been busy keeping an eye on the whole Palworld/Pokemon discourse - which has largely stemmed from the designs used for a few of the former’s models - and the effect it’s had on things like the game’s modding scene, people have been getting up to some pretty wacky hijinks in the game. Following the likes of Pal sphere launch trickshotting and mind control Pal catching, someone’s now managed to ollie their way into what seems to be the first Palworld skateboarding sesh.

The player in question, user Clyde-EarWater, has shared their X-Games worthy shredding over on the Palworld subreddit, simply captioning it “Chillet needed a skatepark” and letting their sick boarding do the rest of the talking. As you can see below, what they’ve done is nab themselves the long, chilly Pal and build a THPS-style series of jumps and obstacles to ride it over.

Their run’s nothing to sniff at either, with some pretty killer airborne 360s - one of which clears a fountain - and some pretty big air being caught while jumping between sections. There are also some cheeky rail (well, bench) grinds thrown in there, proving that Clyde-EarWater can handle technical transitions just as well as they do hangtime. Eat your heart out, Wooper.

Chillet needed a skatepark
by u/Clyde-EarWater in Palworld

As folks in the thread have pointed out, their Chillet does look a bit depressed once it spins around to reveal its little face at the end of the run, though this is hopefully just because it’s struggling with the come-down as its shredding-induced adrenaline rush fades. Or maybe it’s ended up with a splinter from the wooden ramps.

If you don’t reckon you can cut it as a Beegarde Bob Burnquist, it’s also possible to get your extreme entertainment fix in Palworld by building a massive water slide that looks like a lot of fun. Well, assuming you don’t mind getting plenty of whatever the stone equivalent of carpet burns are on your bottom.

Trying to get started with Palworld so you can soon be getting up to your own interesting antics in it? Make sure to check out our array of guides to everything from getting plenty of eggs to moving your base (I can’t promise we’ve factored in moving a skatepark or water slide along with it, but you’ll probably be fine).

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