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Did you know you can capture Palworld pals via mind control?

Certainly one way to play the game!

If you were wondering whether it's possible to play Palworld with just your mind, one streamer has proven that yes, you can!

You might have heard about Perrikaryal before, a Twitch streamer who's played games using some mind control tech previously, covering titles like Elden Ring and Skyrim VR. Well, Perrikaryal is back with another game played via mind control, the Steam mega-hit that is Palworld. You can check out the clip of Perrikaryal playing through the early portion of the game using her mind below, managing to pull off tasks like picking up rocks, punching rocks, and even catching a Pal.

It's a bit of a wild thing to watch, and she notes how she's been able to pull off four commands working at the same time, something she's not been able to do before. If you're wondering just how she pulls this off, there's a headset attached to her head with different receptors on different points. These then recognise different bits of brain activity, she's even got a 3D model of what her brain looks like, as well as the different parts of her brain she's using. In a video from a few months back detailing how it all works, she explains that she essentially imagines different actions, like pushing and pulling something, to correspond to certain button inputs.

Initially, when she first started playing games with mind control, movement still had to be performed with a controller, but she later added gyroscope controls with her head movements to let her move around instead, making the entire setup completely hands-free.

The full video of Perrikaryal setting up her playthrough of Palworld, complete with all of its hiccoughs, can be watched on her Twitch channel. It's not a completely smooth experience, and also relies upon some voice inputs too, but it's still worth checking out, and is a potential avenue for making games more accessible.

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