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Elden Ring's famous mind control streamer is now casting spells in Skyrim VR using similar tech

No matter how it begins, every gaming road leads to a modded Elder Scrolls 5.

A mage casting spells in Skyrim VR.
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The Twitch streamer who conquered Elden Ring using their brain earlier this year is now using similar tech to take one a modded mage playthrough of Skyrim VR.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of stumbling across a clip from one of Perrikaryal’s streams before, they’ve become known for taking on a whole host of games using a brain imaging device called an EEG. This handy gadget allows them to control the action using the electrical activity in their brain, which the EEG’s sensors pick up and allow to be used in a similar manner to the traditional controller inputs.

As alluded to, they’ve already beaten Elden Ring in this fashion, but the latest challenge they’ve decided to take on is arguably even more difficult and definitely more soul destroying. They’re taking on a modded mage playthrough of Skyrim while using VR in addition to the brain tech.

As you can see in the clip below, even though they’ve only just started tinkering with this exact setup over the past couple of weeks, the wolves of Tamriel have already started coming a cropper to their spells. The fire being spewed from their mind-controlled hands has been made possible by a mod, Cangar’s ‘Real Virtual Magic’, which “adds a brain-computer interface” to the game.

Using this to help convert their brainwaves, this time seemingly being collected via a meditation device, into in-game actions, the streamer explains: “When I focus, the mind meter (purple) increases. When (it’s) high enough, magicka (blue) starts regenerating AND spells become more powerful.”

Given Skyrim VR’s history of producing rather hilarious interactions thanks to the body language element it adds to the game, who knows what kinds of strange antics Perrikaryal might get up to if they decide to stick with the run. Though, they have managed to beat Malenia using their brain before, so odds are Alduin won’t pose much of a challenge.

If you’re craving some mods that might help spice up your experience in a Bethesda RPG, but don’t have any cash to blow on a machine that reads your mind, make sure to check out this one for StarfieldStarfield that’ll let you set up a house right on the dancefloor of a nightclub.

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