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Echo is the next hero coming to Overwatch

Blizzard recently announced that Echo would be the next hero to come to Overwatch.

The announcement was made on the official Overwatch Twitter page. You can check out the video featuring Echo below.

"Introducing Echo," the tweet reads. "An evolutionary robot programmed with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence, Echo represents the cutting edge of technology." The tweet also features an embedded video, which depicts a woman relaying her thoughts on Echo's creation. "So this is it," she muses. "Did I make the world a better place?

"They had every reason to doubt me," she continues. "And only Overwatch believed. You are my life's work. You will be everything I dreamed. All I wanted - all I needed - was to help the world."

"And so she created me," interjects Echo. "Her legacy. Her promise. Her Echo."

Back at BlizzCon 2019, Jeff Kaplan told VG247 that one more hero would come to Overwatch before Overwatch 2. He also specified that it wouldn't be Sojourn, who has been a highly anticipated roster addition for almost a year. As a result, fans already had a suspicion that the next hero could be Echo - after all, she was the one who was sent to deliver McCree's recall response to Winston in last year's animated short on Route 66.

There was also already evidence that Echo was likely to be the next Overwatch hero added to the game.

Professional Overwatch League teams have already taken to Twitter to comment on the upcoming hero. You can check out responses from San Francisco Shock, New York Excelsior, and Los Angeles Gladiators below.

San Francisco Shock:

New York Excelsior:

Los Angeles Gladiators:


If this news has you excited to dive back into Overwatch, the Overwatch archives event is currently running on all platforms, and includes co-op PvE missions as well as limited-time-exclusive loot.  If you're looking for a different shooter to tide you over until Echo is added to the main game, check out our list of the best FPS games.

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