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Notch to Schafer: "Let's make Psychonauts 2 happen"

Following comments that a sequel had been pitched "several times" to no avail this morning, Mojang boss Markus Persson has publicly offered on Twitter Double Fine head Tim Schafer to fund Psychonauts 2.

Minecraft creator Notch said in a tweet aimed at Schafer: "Let's make Psychonauts 2 happen."

He further made clear his standing on the matter by telling Rock, Paper, Shotgun in a further tweet he was "serious" in doing a deal with Double Fine. Schafer is yet to comment on the offer.

Persson's offer came as comments from Schafer came to light this morning from a Digital Spy interview, where he said he had pitched the sequel to publishers "several times" without success.

The original Psychonauts launched back in 2005 to massive critical acclaim and a big fan following, but low sales.

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