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New Alan Wake to be digital affair, confirms Major Nelson

Following on from confirmation earlier it would debut at the Spike VGAs next month, Nelson's confirmed on Twitter the next Alan Wake from Remedy will be a digital affair on Xbox Live.

The title will be "fully standalone" from the original game that released at retail last May.

Here's the full tweet from the Major: "We can confirm that this new “Alan Wake” game will be a fully standalone experience and released on Xbox LIVE."

Rumour of a XBL Wake title emerged in May, saying it would be called Alan Wake: Night Springs. The report was published after Remedy confirmed it was making a new game in the Wake universe, but that it wasn't AW2.

Head of Franchise at the Finnish studio Oskari Hakkinen stayed mum on the claims, telling VG247 it was "keeping a lid" on the new game until it was ready to be announced.

That announce will happen on December 10 at the VGAs.

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