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Alan Wake 2 rewrites reality to make its fictional band's album top 10 worldwide

A well deserved accomplishment!

It seems like Alan Wake is up to his ole reality shifting tricks again, as the real band that Alan Wake 2's fictional band is performed by is finding worldwide success, as the fictional band.

Ok, so, let's bear with me for a second as I give you some context. The Old Gods of Asgard are a fictional band who first appeared in the first Alan Wake back in 2010. You also will have heard them in Control, and most recently, the best section of Alan Wake 2. What you might not know is that there is a real, actual Finnish band that plays them called Poets of the Fall. But, under the fictional moniker of Old Gods of Asgard, they recently a "Greatist Hits" album called Rebirth, featuring the instant classic Herald of Darkness from the sequel, as well as tracks from the original game.

Cover image for YouTube videoHERALD OF DARKNESS Live Performance at The Game Awards (Poets of the Fall/Old Gods of Asgard)

Now, as shared by Poets of the Fall themselves, that album has managed to enter the top 10 albums on iTunes over the weekend, undoubtedly due to their stellar performance of Herald of Darkness at The Game Awards last week. It came in at the 10th spot specifically, behind Christmas albums like Michael Buble's Christmas, and Cher's Christmas (real original names there), with a couple other spots being Christmasy too, so clearly Old Gods of Asgard fits in pretty perfectly.

That popularity does appear to be slightly short-lived, as the album has gone down in the global charts again, but I'm just happy it's seen as much success as it has.

Alan Wake 2 launched back in October, and was received incredibly well pretty much universally, including our own Kelsey, who gave the game full marks in their review. A new game plus mode is set to arrive today on all platforms, adding in a new difficulty mode, as well as some new story content.

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