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MultiVersus will add adorable mogwai Gizmo as a playable character next week

Stripe and Black Adam will also be added during Season 1.

MultiVersus has announced that Gizmo, the adorable mogwai from the iconic 80s horror-comedy Gremlins, will be joining the roster of playable characters. While not the biggest fan of fighting games, but this little dude will almost certainly have me diving into MultiVersus again when he’s released on Tuesday, 6 September.

Whenever September rolls around, I immediately begin to feel autumnal, even if the sun is still shining. You know that it’s a matter of time before Halloween rolls around, then Christmas, and then the New Year. It all goes far too fast, but there is one thing that I love about this type of year; watching all the seasonal films that feel wrong to watch at any other time.

I think the team at Player First Games must share similar sentiments, because one of these films is Gremlins. So, introducing Gizmo as we approach autumn feels like perfect timing; especially when we know Stripe is also right around the corner.

In a teaser clip shared to Twitter, MultiVersus gave us a glimpse of the mogwai’s paws as he hid away in a cobweb coated box. While many of us were led to believe that we’d be seeing Stripe added to the game, Player First Games have since confirmed that “Gizmo & Stripe will be separate iconic fighters joining the roster. Gizmo's up first!”

This is far from all that there is to look forward to when it comes to MultiVersus either. Black Adam will also be added to the game during Season 1, and we’re also to expect Rick Sanchez sooner or later. Further datamines also suggest that we might see Beetlejuice and the Wicked Witch of the West, too. All in all, MultiVersus is carving out an expansive roster of beloved characters, and I’m here for it.

What do you think of Gizmo joining MultiVersus, and what other characters are you most excited to see?

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