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MultiVersus cinematic trailer ignores that Iron Giant is not a gun, open beta coming this July

The Tasmanian Devil and the Iron Giant join the roster in this free-to-play platform fighter.

A still from a MultiVersus CG trailer showing a selection of its characters including Taz, Velma, Harley Quinn, Tom and Jerry, Wonder Woman, Garnet, Superman, Batman, Bugs Bunny, Arya Stark, The Iron Giant, Shaggy, Steven Universe, and Finn the Human.
Image credit: Player First Games/ Warner Bros.

A new cinematic trailer for MultiVersus has dropped, revealing two new characters, as well as an open beta coming this July.

Prospective MultiVersus players can already sign up to take part in the closed alpha test that kicks off May 19. But for those who don't get in, or don't feel like signing up, there is an open beta coming some time in July. The open beta was announced alongside a cinematic trailer, which most importantly revealed the addition of two new characters: the Tasmanian Devil, and the kindest robot around, the Iron Giant.

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It being a cinematic trailer, nothing in particular was revealed gameplay wise. But it did give us some fun pairings, like the caped crusader Batman and the endlessly hungry Shaggy. The trailer also shows Shaggy powering up Goku-style, landing a pretty powerful punch on the wisecracking Bugs Bunny.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Taz's reveal pairs him up with Harley Quinn, which he doesn't seem to mind very much. More shenanigans ensue, before Superman shows up, claiming that the mess looks like a job for him, before getting cut off by none other than the Iron Giant, renowned Superman fan. Though this one feels a little mean as after all, the Iron Giant is not a gun.

MultiVersus was revealed back in November, and is very clearly meant to be Warner Bros. take on Smash Bros. The unique selling point for MultiVersus is that the focus is on co-op gameplay, with players working together to take down their opponents, offering unique moves specifically related to the co-op element.

There apparently will be single-player options, but generally pairing up various Warner Bros. IPs up seems to be the main thing the game wants to do. A full release isn't in sight just yet, but developer Player First Games has worked closely with members of the fighting game community to get it right in early alpha tests. And with a studio name like that, you'd assume that their concerns and criticisms are being listened to. Whenever it does release though, it will be free-to-play.

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