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This Mortal Kombat 1 mod will let you settle Kendrick Lamar and Drake's beef in extra-fatal Def Jam style

Step aside, Johnny Cage, we've got a rap feud in need of a fair resolution.

Drake and Kendrick Lamar battling in Mortal Kombat 1.
Image credit: NegativeZoneNerd on Nexus Mods

If you've been following along with the big tiff rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake have been playing out via some pretty spicy diss tracks since things came to a bit of a head back in March, you'll be glad to know that you can now make the two settle their differences via a good old-fashioned brawl. Yup, a Mortal Kombat 1 modder has swapped out some of its fighters for the pair of feuding dudes.

I'm not gonna even try and get you up to speed on the beef if you're not already, though the wikipedia entry about it is set out in a similar manner to the way the site does pages about actual wars between countries, and it should hopefully provide you with a decent rundown of proceedings, albeit one you wouldn't cite in an essay. Basically, some things have been said in songs that've made the opposing side go 'nuh-uh, I don't agree with that', and as of right now, it seems like most people feel Kendrick's won.

If you don't think things are quite over yet and fancy settling them for youself, modder NegativeZoneNerd's 'Def Jam MK1 Pack 1 - Kendrick VS Drake' (thanks, Kotaku) might help with that. As you can see below, it helpfully swaps in models of the pair for the default skins of Kung Lao or Reiko (in the case of Kendrick) and Johnny Cage (in Drake's case).

So, you're free, as the mod's title suggests, to have them throw down in Def Jam game style - although obviously using MK's mechanics rather than those that reward wearing lots of bling and lobbing your opponent into a crowd.

"I originally made Kendrick Lamar over Reiko and added a mic instead of the spear, but overall, I think Kung Lao works better for KungFu Kenny," NegativeZoneNerd writes in mod's description, adding that they "considered adding 21 Savage as a Kameo for Drake, since there is a great model from Call of Duty, but didn't have an equal person to help Kendrick's side." Balancing, you love to see it.

They also explain that they didn't spend too long fixing some minor issues with how the models look, admitting: "Drake's jacket is an absolute nightmare. Some clipping and weird stuff happening around the armpits for sure."

Poor Drizzy man. First, plenty of people conclude you've lost a diss track battle, and now your pits are misbehaving in a mod.

If you fancy having Drake or Kendrick face off against some other hip-hip icons once one of them's had their spine ripped out, NegativeZoneNerd's also recently added models for the likes of Dr Dre, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg to the game.

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