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How to get a Palamute in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Palamute Tickets, Expeditions, and eggs

The Monster Hunter Stories 2 Palamute update is live, but the big question remains: how do you get a Palamute in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

It takes a bit of work, and you won’t be hatching the hunter’s best friend until the post-game or close to it. However, it’s worth the wait. These aren’t your average Palamutes.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Palamutes

Palamutes come in six varities, one for each of the game’s elements. The egg color indicates what element the Palamute will be, and unlike other monsters, the Palamute’s color changes depending on its element as well.

The Palamute has Jump and Ivy Climb as its Riding Actions, making them handy to keep on your team during post-game exploration.

How to get a Palamute in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Palamute Tickets

There are a couple of ways to get Palamute Tickets. After you’ve downloaded the new update, go to any village’s quest board and look for the five-star quest “Throw Me A Bone.”

Turn in the required number of Monster Bone+ materials to get a stack of Palamute Tickets. These come in normal, rare, and super rare varieties.

You can also exchange Bottle Caps for them at Melynx, though the cost is higher than the usual Expedition Ticket price.

How to get a Palamute in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Palamute Expeditions

Price aside, Palamute Tickets work the same as other Expedition Tickets. Pick co-op Expedition from the multiplayer menu (also accessed from a quest board) and choose the Explore Palamute Home quest.

These are eight-star quests, meaning you won’t have access to them before the post-game.

Once you’ve picked the Palamute Ticket, head to the target Rare Den and start exploring.

There’s a slight chance you can find Palamute Eggs in any of the den’s nests. The best bet is, as ever, the nest of the expedition’s target monster.

However, it is just a chance. Some players have reported completing several Palamute Expeditions and finding no Palamute eggs.

Some eggs could be rarer than others, but you can use stimulants on Palamutes during the Rite of Channeling just like with any other Monstie in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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