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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Everden Locations | Where to get Bottle Caps

Monster Hunter Stories 2 has a huge world to explore, and hidden in nearly every area you visit are Everdens - permanent dungeons containing rare and finite Bottle Caps.

At the various towns and villages throughout your adventure, you can swap your Bottle Caps for unique and powerful items and services.

Here’s everything you need to know about Bottle Caps and Everdens in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Everdens - Where to find Bottle Caps

After striding out from your home-town village, you’ll come across Everdens throughout the wilderness. You can tell them apart from normal Monster Dens because of their square entrance.

There will be multiple Everdens in nearly every large area you enter, but one can be looted only once.

Unlike the Monster Dens dotted around the landscape, Everdens will always be in the same place when you leave and return to an area. After you’re claimed all of the spoils though, that’s it, you can’t come back for more.

Not all Everdens you encounter early on in the game are accessible right away, many Bottle Cap chests will require a monstie that can swim, climb, or jump. So you’ll probably have to come back later at some point.

Everdens usually house around three Bottle Cap chests, which can have more than 20+ Bottle Caps inside.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Where to spend Bottle Caps

Once you’ve stuffed your pockets with as many Bottle Caps as you can carry, toddle off to Melynx Inc. That's the masked cat vendor you'll find in nearly every town or village you can lay your head.

Of course, the first you'll find is in Mahana Village, but they pop up later in the game too.

In Mahana Village, you'll find the Melynx Inc palico on the southwestern beach, south of the Smithy.

What should you spend Bottle Caps on in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

With finite resources in games, it’s very easy to hoard your stash and end up not spending anything until the credits roll.

Don’t worry too much about cashing in your Bottle Caps in Monster Hunter Stories 2, you get a lot of them over the course of the game, and the items you can grab are definitely worth the investment.

A lot of the weapons you can buy are worth picking up if you need a power boost, while the stable upgrades are an absolutely vital acquisition.

The items you can trade for regular money are less worth it, and I’d recommend saving your Bottle Caps for more exciting things, but it’s worth remembering they’re there if you’re ever caught short at the shop or smithy.

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