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Monster Hunter Stories 2 EXP farming: How to get EXP fast

Raising Monsties is hard work, but Monster Hunter Stories 2 EXP farming doesn’t have to be.

For it's credit, Stories 2 gives you plenty of ways to farm EXP - some of which don’t even require your direct involvement. To steer you in the right direction, we've outlined a few of the best ways to get Monster Hunter Stories 2 EXP, fast.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 EXP Farming: Subquests

Completing subquests earns you a hefty amount of experience points. All active Monsties in your party share these points, so this is a great way to quickly give a few levels to brand-new party members. So make sure you have at least one new Monstie with you when reporting quests.

Most subquests take little time to finish or involve materials you’ll gather while progressing in main quest.

Some are a bit more convoluted, including the X Marks the Spot quest and the Little Ones Lost quest, but the rewards are worthwhile.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 EXP Farming: Monstie Expeditions

Stories 2 has several Expedition types, but the ones you’ll focus on for farming EXP are Monstie Expeditions. Monstie Expeditions unlock during the Loloska storyline. But unlike regular Expeditions and quests, these don’t require Expedition Tickets.

Speak with the Stable Paw in any village and choose “Monstie Expedition.” Choose the location you want from the available areas, then for EXP farming, pick “EXP Enthusiast” to maximize the experience points earned.

Then just choose your Monsties, and off they go. Monstie Expeditions take a set amount of time spent in the game, and that time only passes while the game is on.

How to unlock more Monstie Expedition slots

As the game progresses, Melynx will stock three new ticket types:

  • Expedition+
  • Silver Expedition+
  • Gold Expedition+

These all increase the number of Monstie Expedition slots available. Like everything else Melynx sells, these tickets cost Bottle Caps.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 EXP Farming: Unique Monsters

Another, more tedious, option is finding Barrel Felynes. We’ve explained how to do that in our Barrel Felyne guide, but just be aware these unique monsters are tough to find. You’ll get plenty of EXP from “defeating” them, but Monstie Expeditions are the best way to get EXP fast in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Whatever your method of Monster Hunter Stories 2 EXP farming, make sure you keep up with your Monstie levels. The main game might not be too gruelling, but the post game has super rare dens in store, including Elder Dragons.

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