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Monster Hunter Stories 2 stimulants | Where to find and how to use

If you want the best party possible, you’ll need to make good use of Monster Hunter Stories 2 stimulants.

These require Bottle Caps and a bit of farming to get, but they’re absolutely essential for success in the Rite of Channeling.

What are stimulants in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Stimulants unlock closed-off slots in your Monsties’ gene grid. Some locked slots open automatically as the Monstie levels up, but the ones without unlock conditions require a stimulant.

Stimulants come in several varieties based on the monster species.

While the game divides monsters into multiple categories — Burning Flying Wyvern, for example — stimulants work more broadly.

Royal Ludroth might be a  “Soggy” Leviathan, but you can use just a Leviathan Stimulant on it, no soggy required.

Where to get Monster Hunter Stories 2 stimulants

You’ll find stimulants at the Melynx Inc. stores located in every major settlement except the Felyne Shelter.

Melynx is usually somewhere less congested, but you’ll recognize the Felyne instantly. They’re always wearing a backpack with a parasol and a high green collar.

As with everything else Melynx sells, Monster Hunter Stories 2 stimulants cost Bottle Caps.

We’ve outlined the process of finding Bottle Caps already, but plan on visiting plenty of Everdens if you want to experiment with Monstie genes a fair bit.

Fortunately, stimulants costs are low, and Everdens are generous with how many you get in each run.

How to use stimulants in Monster Hunter Stories 2

You can buy stimulants early, as soon as Melynx first opens.

However, they remain unusable until you unlock the Rite of Channeling later in the second chapter. Stimulants are only available to use in the Rite of Channeling menu when you start the Rite at a stable. There's no option to use them in the regular menu or Monstie management menu.

Using stimulants on some of the game's rarer monsters is key to turning them into powerhouses, but you'll have an easier time if their gene slots are already opened. Track down rare eggs for better chances of good genes.

Once you've powered your Monsties up you can take them into battle, where you'll need our Monster Hunter Stories 2 Monster Attack Type and Weaknesses guide.

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