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Monster Hunter Stories 2 reviews round-up – all the scores

As a spin-off series set in the Monster Hunter world, Monster Hunter Stories 2 leans more towards RPG than action – but is it any good?

Monster Hunter is having a great time right now. As Monster Hunter Rise sells over 4 million units, and Monster Hunter World continues to break sales records, the series seems untouchable.

What better time to try something new, then. Well, not new, but different. You may have missed the first Monster Hunter Stories game – it launched on 3DS once the Switch was out, after all – so Capcom has brought the series back for another go, this time on hardware that's more accessible and popualr.

And better yet, if you're eager to play more of Monster Hunter Stories 2 once it's out and in your hands, you'll be pleased to know it's due to receive plenty of post-release content to keep you busy.

You can check out our video review below, or head on over to the link read more.

  • VG247 review – 4/5. "Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a win, with so many quality of life changes from its predecessor on 3DS. It’s welcoming and accessible, familiar yet new, complex but not too confusing, and has plenty of surprises waiting for players and I can see myself playing it way beyond this review."
  • PC Gamer – 8
  • IGN – 8
  • Metro – 7
  • PCGamesN– 8
  • Wccftech – 8
  • TheSixthAxis – 8
  • GameInformer – 8.5
  • Eurogamer– Recommended

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will be released on PC and Switch July 9.

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