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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Expedition Tickets | How to get more and start multiplayer

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Expedition Tickets are your fast track to more items, easier, EXP, and even rare rewards.

Expedition Tickets are a must f you’re levelling multiple parties or want to find Monster Hunter Stories 2 Elder Dragon eggs. However, you’ll also need them for multiplayer missions of any kind, which is the only way to join in some of the post-launch content as it's added.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Expedition Tickets

Expedition Tickets unlock roughly halfway through chapter three in Loloska when Monstie Expeditions become available. It’s part of the main story, like the Rite of Channeling, and you don’t have to do anything special to make it happen.

After this point, you’ll find Expedition Tickets at any Melynx Inc. location. There’s one Melynx in every settlement except the Felyne Shelter. Melynx representatives lurk in out-of-the-way areas, but if you’re struggling to find one, just head back to Mahana Village and speak with the one there.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Expedition Tickets come in three varieties and cost Bottle Caps.

  • Expedition Ticket (N) - 10 Bottle Caps
  • Expedition Ticket (R ) - 50 Bottle Caps
  • Expedition Ticket (SR) - 100 Bottle Caps

Monstie Expeditions are convenient ways for farming experience on new Monsties and gathering items.  Unlike other EXP farm methods, including the Barrel Felyne, these don't require your involvement beyond picking the expedition area.

Expedition Tickets are also the only way to start multiplayer.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 multiplayer

With Expedition Ticket in hand, travel to any village’s quest board to access multiplayer quests.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 multiplayer consists of three quest types:

  • Slay quests - defeat a specific target
  • Trial quests - defeat targets within a given time limit
  • Expeditions - get as many eggs as you can

If you’re wanting a better chance at rare Monsties, Expeditions are the multiplayer quest type for you. Using Rare Expedition Tickets and Super Rare Expedition Tickets increase your chances of finding rare dens, and that’s vital for both rare monsters in general and for finding Monster Hunter Stories 2 Elder Dragons and other rare monsters.

Elder Dragons can only be found in high rank Super Rare Dens, which might spawn naturally when you’re exploring or after using the Prayer Pot. However, the chances of finding them increase even further when you use a Super Rare Expedition Ticket.

Note that despite their name, multiplayer missions work in single player mode too. The game just assigns you an AI-controlled Battle Buddy.

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