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Monster Hunter series sales soar past 100 million as the world braces for Monster Hunter Wilds

Capcom proves, once again, that it is the publisher worth betting on as it announced a massive sales milestone for the Monster Hunter series.

A Rajang from Monster Hunter does two thumbs up over a multi-coloured banner that has 15,000,000 written on it.
Image credit: VG247/Capcom
Capcom just can't be stopped, ey? Overnight, the Japanese publisher released a series of great stats concerning the game, noting that the newest titles – Rise, and its massive DLC expansion, Sunbreak – have sold 15 million and 8 million units, respectively.

But the good news doesn't stop there for the action-RPG series. Capcom also announced that the series as a whole has soared past 100 million copies sold – a massive number, matching the behemoth Resident Evil series' numbers from 2020. It's clear that Monster Hunter is a key franchise for the publisher – and that's a good thing, since we're about to see even more Monster Hunter content launch in the year ahead.

Only back in January, Capcom revealed that Monster Hunter World - the first ambitious open world entry in Capcom's legendary action series - surpassed 23 million units sold, accounting for nearly a quarter of the overall figure shared this week.

So, what's next for the massive monster-hunting series? Well, there's a few things in the works. First off, if you're a regular on this site, you'll know that I'm obsessesed with Monster Hunter Now, and continue to extol the virtues of the Pokemon Go-like game. The game continues to see regular events and updates, and only recently, loyal players got a series of ice-themed tasks to complete leading up to a Zinogre-based takeover that's coming to the map soon. If you're keen on checking the game out, I recommend perusing our Monster Hunter Now codes page to help you get a boost when you start playing.

Key art from Monster Hunter Wilds – a rider crests a hill to see a savannah-esque landscape opening out before them.
All eyes on Wilds. | Image credit: Capcom.

But, a bit further down the line, there's Monster Hunter Wilds, the next major entry to the series that is currently in development and is set for a release date set for 2025. Following this big announcement of how well the series is doing, the next update we can expect on the game is due to land in the summer of this year.

As many studios begin to shutter and it appears that triple-A development begins to falter under its own weight, it's reassuring to see Capcom posting such good results. Fellow Japanese publisher, Square Enix, is very publicly fumbling the bag at the moment, and making layoffs left, right, and center. Whatever Capcom has been doing over the past decade or so to reestablish itself as one of the most successful – and competant – developers out there is really paying off.

And I hope we continue to see that level of craftsmanship and polish as we head into the summer of 2024 and beyond, and finally get a glimpse of the massive, highly-anticipated Monster Hunter Wilds project.

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