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Monster Hunter Wilds offers first look at gameplay at State of Play

Wahey, here's your latest update on the next entry in the Monster Hunter series, set to arrive in 2025.

May 2024's PlayStation State of Play has given us all a fresh look at Monster Hunter Wilds in the form of the first gameplay trailer. Yep, buckle up MH fans, here's more stuff to get you hyped up for the game that a leaker claimed earlier this year wouldn't even be delayed even if GTA 6 happened to drop around the same time as it.

This latest trailer follows-up the reveal we got of Wilds at last year's The Game Awards, and comes after Capcom shared that the Monster Hunter series as a whole has now soared past the 100 million sales mark. Fair to say it'll have a lot of eyes on it , then.

This Wilds trailer featured a fairly brief, but nevertheless decent look at gameplay. It looks like there's a much bigger emphasis on environmental interactions, which the hunter can be seen using to trap monsters and shift the battle to their favour.

The footage showed off some bits of narrative, but most of it focused squarely on gameplay, with the hunter wielding a great sword, and a gunlance. The trailer also confirmed that players with save files from Monster Hunter World and its Iceborne expansion will receive bonuses in Wilds when it releases, though seemingly only on the same platform.

So, if you're a fan of, well, monster hunting, hopefully that'll help tide over your appetite for Monster Hunter until 2025 finally rolls around and Wilds flies - like a big bird creature - into our lives for real.

If you're still struggling to hold out after rewatching it several times, why not get some more Monster Hunter goodness by reading some of our words discussing how Monster Hunter Now, and Monster Hunter World stack up in 2024.

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