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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak trailer takes a look at Lucent Nargacuga and the Forlorn Arena

The elusive flying wyvern likes to stalks its prey before emerging from the foggy night.

A look at the dangerous Lucent Nargacuga can be had in the latest video for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Included in the free title update coming next month, you also get a look at the Forlorn Arena.

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Introduced in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Lucent Nargacuga can turn invisible and perform a double tail slam. Its spikes can be extended with the shaking of its tail, causing venomous spikes to fly toward you.

The wyvern tends to prefer the night or fog when it comes to stalking prey.

Title Update 1 will also introduce the Seething Bazelgeuse to the game, among other monsters.

Seething Bazelgeuse is a Variant of Bazelgeuse, first introduced in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. This monster has two powered-up states. The first one finds it dropping explosive scales it can send flying at a wide range.

The second powered-up state finds the scales exploding within a large huge blast radius, and the scales can stick to surfaces. Its most powerful move is when the monster takes to the sky and drops a bunch of scales before descending to the ground with a large explosion.

You will also visit the Forlorn Arena in the DLC expansion. It has all sorts of ruins and appears to be a place monsters would like to hang around.

After the free August update arrives, you can expect more title updates. Title Update 2 is slated for fall, Title Update 3 is coming in winter 2022, and there's also the possibility of further updates going into 2023.

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