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Where to find High Quality Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise

Not quite mink, but it'll do

Monster Hunter Rise High Quality Pelt is an essential item for crafting several high rank armor sets for you and your Buddies.

It’s rare, but you have a higher chance of finding it than some other rare items, such as Striped Hide. That’s good, since the recipes that use High Quality Pelt require several of them each.

Where to find High Quality Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise

Two lesser monsters give you High Quality Pelt, and they’re the same ones that yield Warm Pelt: the Anteka and the Kelbi. You’re better off ignoring the Anteka, though. They’re easy to find in Frost Islands, but the chance of getting High Quality Pelt off them is less than 20%. Kelbi have a 45% chance of giving you the pelts.

High Quality Pelt is the high rank version of Warm Pelt, which means you’ll only be able to obtain it from Kelbi (or Anteka) in high rank quests.

Where to find Kelbi in Monster Hunter Rise

Kelbi work and play in Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, and Flooded Forest, but the easiest place to find them is Shrine Ruins. Technically, you can find them in sector 8, though we’ve had the most success in sectors 11 and 13 at the far northern ends of the region.

What is High Quality Pelt for in Monster Hunter Rise

  • Here’s what you’ll use High Quality Pelt for:
  • Anteka Blade I (3)
  • Anteka Burst II (4)
  • Kelbi Stingshot II (4)
  • Heavy Bagpipe I (2)
  • Teddybear II (5)
  • Ploshasta II (2)
  • Bull Grunt I (4)
  • Cyclecaster (3

It also gets used in several high-ranking Buddy equipment sets.

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