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Minecraft sales hit 20 million mark for all platforms

Minecraft sales have reached the 20 million mark for all platforms.

Earlier this month, it was reported that at the end of 2012, the game had hit the 15 million mark. The Xbox 360 version sold 5,002,370, and the PC version 4,177,843, while the Minecraft Pocket Edition sold 5,899,727 units on both Android and iOS.

Today, Mojang stated that the PC version of the game has now sold 9 million copies.

"About 10 hours ago, Minecraft (PC) hit 9,000,000 sold copies! Which should bring the total for all platforms to... 20 million?" reads the tweet from Jens Bergensten.

Following up on the tweet, Mojang stated that the Pocket Edition is now sitting at 7.3 million sold, and "not slowing down."

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