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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain impressions escape preview event

A number of journalists who attended a preview event for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, have shared some details about what they've played, and it's looking very exciting.


Konami hosted a preview event in LA which naturally resulted in everybody getting plenty of Phantom Pain information by way of Twitter.

Gamespot's Peter Brown was impressed by the game's size, reiterating earlier comments that it's much larger than Ground Zeroes. "Currently, I’m in the desert of Afghanistan looking for a secret weapon in caves. I can only talk about this mission today. Needless to say, Afghanistan, in the game, is far larger than ground zeroes. Once I think I'm growing tired of the desert environment, I discover a new locale, tucked away, that brightens things up."

"The day/night cycle is great, and plays a big part of strategizing. The phantom cigar is weird! The mission to find the weapon takes you through massive military installations tucked away in the desert. The scale of them is daunting," he added.

Peter said that from what he's seen so far, the game's open world appears to offer plenty of hidden areas to find and locations to explore. Quests in the open world can be scripted or "organic."

Jose Otero, another press member who attended the event described what he played of The Phantom Pain as if "MGS4 Act 1 and Peace Walker had a baby," with vast explorable spaces and plenty of resource development.

Finally, the official Metal Gear Solid Twitter account tweeted this interesting image. It shows a customised player emblem.


Most attendees seemed to agree that the game's open world is massive, offering multiple approaches to each objective, in true Metal Gear Solid fashion.

A few other details were gleaned from the tweets and curated by Metal Gear Informer. The information is under embargo until June 9. After that, expect to see a deluge of details from most press outlets.

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