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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has over 65 suits (and over 200 ways to customise them)

Insomniac knows what your favourite thing about the last two Spider-Man games was, and it’s upping the ante in the sequel.

If the success of our ‘All Suits and How to Unlock Them’ page for Spider-Man on PS4 is anything to go by, there’s one thing I know for sure about the Insomniac Marvel games: people love the suits.

2018's Marvel's Spider-Man and 2020's Miles Morales both became well-known for the breadth and depth of suits that they had tucked away in obscure corners of the game. Unlocking them and fulfilling the criteria to add them to your wardrobe was one of the main things that kept people playing once the credits had rolled.

Insomniac has clearly picked up on this. One of the headline reveals during a presentation for the game at a recent preview event specifically highlighted that there would be an impressive number of suits in this game; an eye-watering 65 of them! It makes sense, I suppose – with two heroes roaming the streets of New York, you’re going to want to make sure they each have the best drip.

But wait, there’s more. As well as the base outfit, you will also be given the option to modify the costume with a customisation tab – from what I played at preview, this didn’t seem to be available for all the suits, but some of the outfits had multiple options for you to choose from. In the preview, there were a few colourways available for both Miles’ and Peters’ suits (that seemed to be from the DLC, like Peter’s Apunkalyptic suit, for instance). Whether there will be other options available remains to be seen.

Yep, all the suits look this good.

“It was pretty neat to find that sweet spot for us, adding those suit styles,” says Ryan Smith, senior game director at Insomniac. “There's the great suit design, and then there's a little bit of player expression in there in terms of how you want to look. Even in our team playthroughs, and stuff like that, you’ll see people try different variations.”

In terms of the actual suits we know will be in the game, there have been a few reveals so far. Other than the Advanced 2.0 suit for Peter and the Classic Suit for Miles, each of these listed below is a pre-order bonus (Arachknight Suit and Shadow-Spider Suit), or a bonus that comes with the Digital Deluxe Edition (the rest).

  • Advanced Suit 2.0 – Peter Parker
  • Black Suit – Peter Parker
  • Arachknight Suit – Peter Parker
  • Tactical Suit – Peter Parker
  • Aurantia Suit – Peter Parker
  • 25th Century Suit – Peter Parker
  • Stone Monkey Suit – Peter Parker
  • Apunkalyptic Suit – Peter Parker
  • Classic Suit – Miles Morales
  • Shadow-Spider Suit – Miles Morales
  • Agimat Suit – Miles Morales
  • Red Spectre Suit – Miles Morales
  • Encoded Suit – Miles Morales
  • Biomechanical Suit – Miles Morales
  • Tokusatsu Suit – Miles Morales

That may seem like a lot but there’s only 16 there – about a quarter of what is confirmed to make it into the base game. And, if Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is anything like the very first game, then we’re going to see updates drop over the course of its life that’ll likely add more suits into the game. Marvel’s Spider-Man saw general updates and DLC costumes added to the game as it matured – and I reckon we can probably count on the same thing happening here (we know how much Sony and Insomniac likes a traditional expansion, right?)

Lots of detail, and all so nicely lit.

We’ll see for sure when Spider-Man 2 launches exclusively for PS5 on October 20. You can read everything we know about Spider-Man 2 so far at the link.

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