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Lords of the Fallen like "'all the best games you’ve played before", says producer

Lords of the Fallen doesn't aim to startle players with an all-new style of gameplay, with developer Deck 13 instead hoping to harvest the most successful parts from other titles in one package.

Producer Tomasz Gop told OnlySP that Lords of the Fallen makes no claims to hugely innovative strides.

“Cutting the long story short, it’s not 'unlike anything before'. It’s more like 'all the best games you’ve played before'," he said.

"We’re aiming at getting the different proportions of ingredients from RPGs, fighter games and even strategies into one big bowl to make a soup that is spicy, filling and addictive."

Gop reportedly acknowledged a comparison to Dark Souls when discussing Lords of the Fallen's "challenge without punishment" design pillar, which is intended to enable players to know precisely why they've failed.

“It’s going to be a system that’s not very easy to learn, but we’re making sure players have all the tools needed to grasp it. What’s even more important, it’s not a punishing experience because you can distribute the learning process along the way at your own pace," he said.

“The more players know about the nature of the challenge that’s ahead of them, the more they can read, study and practice before getting to the crucial boss battles, the less frustrating or punishing the experience. Even though it’s still pretty much the same challenge," he added.

Most enemies will be unique, rather than slightly stronger, re-skinned reprisals, so players will always have something new to learn, Gop added.

An extract from the same interview releases yesterday revealed that Lords of the Fallen may be infinite in length, although the core story will take around 15 hours if rushed.

We're expecting the RPG on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in northern autumn.

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