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Loctions for Petra Venj’s Fallen target bounties in Destiny

The Queen's Emissary Petra Venj has returned to the Tower with a list of Fallen bounties. DROP EVERYTHING.

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Here's Alex to tell us where we can snuffle out the Fallen targets for Petra's bounties.

There are four out of six bounties available to be tracked down at the moment:

  • Drevis Wolf Baroness
  • Kaliks-12
  • Peekis the Disavowed
  • Belatrik the Veiled

The other two bounties have now unlocked - here's a short videos covering Day 5's Saviks, Queen Breaker.

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And here's a guide to Day 6, Weksis The Meek.

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The new patch prepping Destiny for the House of Wolves expansion also dropped today, and you can find out more about the updates here.

Make sure you're ready for the game changing update next week with our super handy checklist and check out the hidden details in the House of Wolves trailer to see what else lies in store.

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