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Destiny patch 1.2 released and Petra Venj returns to the Tower

The newest patch for Destiny fixes some irksome bugs, but the dev team warns of issues with purple engrams that won't be resolved until May 19.

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The pre-House of Wolves patch was delayed by a technical issue, but all is well now and the patch is rolling out as we speak.

Various weapon bugs will be fixed along with some PvP issues. Arekkz Gaming gives us a full run down in the video above.

Bungie has flagged a problem with Legendary Engrams not being recognised by the Cryptarch, but this will be sorted out on May 19, so keep hold of them until then.

You can check out the full patch notes here.

Stay tuned for more info on the Fallen targets for Petra Venj's bounties and don't forget to check out our pre-House of Wolves checklist and mega-guide to prep for the expansion.

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