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Latest video for The Surge shows 14 minutes of uncut gameplay

A new video from Deck13 showing off 14 minutes of its action-RPG The Surge has been released.

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Along with a look at uncut gameplay, game designer Adam Hetenyi discusses various aspects of The Surge, and the dystopian environments in CREO’s industrial and RND complex, the Abandoned Laboratories.

As with the previous gameplay video, above you'll see the main character fitted with an industrial exoskeleton, as he fights his way through the complex.

Players will loot enemies and weapons after defeat, and luckily, the limb-targeting system not only allows the player to not only attack but cut off parts of the enemy they wish to craft or equip. As previously mentioned, you will also run into experiments built using nano-technology and security bots, and those will be really tough to beat.

The video also goes over some of the attacks which can be accomplished vertically and horizontally. Players can also parry, jump, dodge and duck.

Survivors at the complex may need help, or they offer the player assistance. Accepting missions will provide some extra rewards; however, Deck13 said players will need to balance these missions as well as the "desire to go deeper into the complex." Also, once dropped, tech scrap will diminish over time.

The Surge is set for release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in May.

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