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Kingdom Come Deliverance has sold 1 million copies

Kingdom Come Deliverance has reportedly sold 1 million copies across all platforms.

Warhorse Studios, developer of Kingdom Come Deliverance, has confirmed that the game has reached an impressive 1 million sales across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The news was first reported by Czech site Lupa, before being confirmed by the game's US community manager on Twitter.

That's 1 million in less than two weeks. Kingdom Come Deliverance started off strong, with around 500,000 sales in three days. The figure likely refers to sell-through, i.e. sold to consumers, but Warhorse didn't specifically confirm this.

If you recently picked up the game, you may be surprised to find it a bit too harsh compared to other RPGs. Some of this is by design, but you can certainly avoid disappointment by reading our Kingdom Come Deliverance guide.

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