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Where to find parachutes in GTA San Andreas

Leap of faith

Carl Johnson takes risks, but if you want to take some of the biggest leaps of faith, you’ll need to know where to find parachutes in GTA San Andreas.

San Andreas parachutes keep you alive when you jump from great heights, though they aren’t available all over the city. Only the deadliest jumps give Carl a safety net.

Where to find parachutes in GTA San Andreas

Parachutes live at the top of very high buildings and are basically a sign to tell you “death awaits if you jump without me.” Leaping without a parachute will result either in instant death when you hit the ground or losing up to 95% of Carl’s health.

You can’t just stock up on parachutes, though. Carl can only carry one at a time, and they disappear after being used.

Here’s where you’ll find parachutes:

Los Santos

The tallest building in Downtown

San Fierro

  • Financial district, on top of Big Pointy Building
  • Western tower of Garver Bridge

Las Venturas

  • On top of Emerald Isle Casino

Tierra Robada

  • On top of Gant Bridge tower


  • The slope between Journey and the Camper on Mt Chiliad

Bone County

  • Top of Arco del Oeste
  • Top of the radio tower near The Big Ear

How to use parachutes in GTA San Andreas

After you jump, use the “weapon fire” button to deploy the parachute. From there, you can move left or right with the left control stick. Moving forward or back adjusts your rate of falling and how Carl lands. Pulling back on the left stick lets Carl land while walking, which is handy if you’re parachuting into dangerous territory.

The jump animation changes from the usual flailing to a free fall dive animation automatically when Carl has a parachute equipped as well.

The other things that help Carl out of a tough situation in GTA San Andreas are a good gun and a fast car, and if you’re having trouble finding them, you can always cheat your way to greatness. When you’re finished causing mayhem, take some time to help Carl meet the potential love of his life, or build up some respect by spraypainting rival turf.

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