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How to recruit gang members in GTA San Andreas and raise respect

Crime does pay

Recruiting gang members in GTA San Andreas takes respect.

The toughs and street lords won’t follow just any old leader, and Carl has to prove his worth to rise through the ranks. Fortunately, it’s rather easy to do.

How to recruit gang members in GTA San Andreas

The actual recruitment is easy. Target the person you want to join Carl’s gang, and press “Up” on the direction pad on console or targeting the person and pressing the “G” key on PC. You can dismiss a member by targeting them and pressing either “Down” on the D-pad or “H” on your keyboard.

Carl can have up to seven gang members, though how many he can have at any given time depends on his total respect.

1% or higher: two gang members 10% or higher: three gang members 20% or higher: four gang members 40% or higher: five gang members 60% or higher: six gang members 80% or higher: seven gang members

How to earn respect in GTA San Andreas

Earning respect is fairly easy and involves things you’d probably be doing on a regular basis anyway. You can lose respect, though the dent to your reputation is minor and you can build it back up quickly:

Action Effect on Respect
Gain territory +30
Kill a rival gang member +0.5
Kill a dealer +0.005
Kill a member of your gang -0.005
A member of your gang gets killed (but not by you) -2
Lose territory -3

If you're having trouble standing up to rival gangs, make sure you're packing some of the best weapons in GTA San Andreas. You can also boost your respect with one of GTA San Andreas’ many cheats and even recruit pedestrians to your gang. After a long day of respect-gaining and recruitment, your work still isn't done. Make sure to keep up your relationships with your girlfriends before they ditch you for good.

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