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GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars Acid Lab business: How to get the acid lab and MTL Brickade 6x6

Time to start a new business.

GTA Online MLK Brickade in Freakshop
Image credit: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games.

The Los Santos Drug Wars have arrived in GTA Online! Alongside Nervous Ron, you'll team up with Dax and the rest of his band of Fooliganz to try to establish yourselves as the best drug-runners in LS. The update itself comes in two parts, with the first half being the one you have access to now.

Alongside new missions, there is a handful of new content for you to find and one of them will give you access to a whole new business opportunity - selling Acid. We're going to show you how to get the Acid Lab business in GTA Online so that you can start earning even more GTA$.

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GTA Online: How to get the Acid Lab business

To get the Acid Lab business in GTA Online, you need to get your hands on the MTL Brickade, complete a setup mission and have $750,000 to spend. This can be quite a lengthy process, so we're here to walk you through it.

GTA Online: How to get the MTL Brickade 6x6

To get the MTL Brickade 6x6 in GTA Online, you need to have completed the "Off the Rails" mission in the First Dose missions given to you by Dax. This is the sixth mission that you're given, and it's quite a big one.

Break into Humane Labs

To get the MTL Brickade in that mission, you need to follow the mission tasks. The first thing you need to do is to sneak into Humane Labs and head for the keypad at the back of the building. However, be ready for a fight if you alert any of the guards. (It is possible to shoot your way to the keypad too, if stealth isn't your strongest skill.)

Steal the loading bay chemicals

Once you're inside the building, you need to shoot your way through the guards and eliminate all of the ones in the loading bay. Once they're down, walk up to the large wooden crates in the area and search all of them until you've collected enough chemicals.

Cause a Train disaster

Once you've found all the chemicals, you'll need to race back to your vehicle. You are on a time limit from the moment you leave the building so you need to be fast.When you're in your vehicle, look at your map and head for the small green bag marker on there. It's not too far away, but the faster you get here the easier the next bit is.

Once you've spotted the bag, get out and grab the cutters from it. When you have the cutters, get back into your vehicle and race the Train to the switching station. (Don't leave your vehicle on the tracks, you'll need it after this).

Head up the stairs into the switching station and flip the switch so the tracks change. Once the train races past, it will crash further down the line. Head back to your vehicle again. There will probably be a few Merryweather guards there, take them out before following the marker to the crash site.

Fight Merryweather, steal more Chemicals and the MTL Brickade 6x6

Now, make sure you're filled up on snacks and you have your armor ready. There will be a lot of Merryweather around the train and they have a few helicopters. When you get there, find shelter and take out the helicopters before doing anything else. Then, when they're down, dispose of the guards.

When you've got an opening, head to the markers on the map and start to search the crates for the chemicals. Rinse and repeat until you've got every chemical. Dax will then tell you he wants the truck further down the train - this is your MTL Brickade!

GTA Online MTL Brickade on a train carriage
Image credit: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games

Again, clear the area of Merryweather and you'll have a brief window to steal the truck. The marker will try to take you along the road, but we've found an easier way. Reverse the truck off of the train and follow the train tracks. Keep driving across them until you come out of a long tunnel.

Once you're out of the tunnel, the marker for the Freakshop should be nearby. You should see the storm drain near you too. Head down into the storm drain (carefully), and then on your right you should see a small opening/ramp. Go up this and this will bring you to the warehouse. Pull the truck into the sheltered area where the marker is and the MTL Brickade is yours.

GTA Online: How to set up the Acid Lab business

Now, onto the next part. To get the Acid Lab business in GTA Online, you need to head into the Freakshop and activate the setup mission. To do this, head over to the MTL Brickade parked at the back abnd Mutt will say that you need to steal some equipment first. Head back out to your vehicle (which should spawn outside) and check your map for these markers:

GTA Online Acid Lab setup mission marker on map
Image credit: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games

There are three warehouses you can choose to rob, we chose the one furthest South. Head to the warehouse, stopping at Ammu-Nation if you need to resupply. Once you're at the warehouse, head inside and dispose of the guards.

When you've cleared the place of guards, find a forklift and drive it to the first of the three crates you need to collect. You'll need to line the bottom of the forks up with the openings on the pallets. Once you've got the crate, raise it as high as you can and drive it to the flatbed truck. Load the crate onto the truck and repeat this process with the other crates. Some guards may spawn again after a while, so take them out and continue.

GTA Online Forklift truck and equipment on crate
Image credit: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games

When all of the crates are on the truck, get into the cab and you'll be taken outside. All you have to do now is drive the truck back to the Freakshop. Some armed guards will follow you, but if you keep driving you can easily outrun them and beat them back to the Freakshop before they do any real damage.

Pull the truck into the Freakshop, then go inside to speak to Mutt (they're usually chilling by the MTL). Then, use the prompted command to spend $750,000 on starting the Acid Lab business. Once you've spent the money, you can head inside the MTL and start production (we recommend doing this as soon as you can to recoup the money spent on the setup).

That's how to get the Acid Lab business and MTL Brickade 6x6 in GTA Online! If you want to learn more about the latest update, check out our piece detailing all of the new cars in the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. If you're struggling to find the beginning of the update, take a look at our piece that shows you how to start the Drug Wars DLC.

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