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Grounded Walkthrough: BURGL Super Chip and Lab Locations

The yard is a big place

The world of Grounded is a dangerous and peculiar place, full of elephantine bugs, terrifying spiders and puzzling scientific relics buzzing with untapped potential.

However, building a life for yourself between the towering blades of grass can also be an unforgiving and overwhelming experience with a dizzying array of materials to collect, places to discover and options to choose from.

Alongside your primary objective of survival, Grounded also has an intriguing mystery at its core: Who turned you tiny and why?

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To find out you will need to master some of the secrets of the high-tech gizmos scattered around the yard and complete story quests to put together more-and-more pieces of the puzzle.

Below is our collection of quest guides to help you get your bearings, find all of Wendell’s labs and BURGL’s Super Chips, as well as important items you will definitely need across your adventure.

We’ve also collected our more general guides that will help you to pin down some more elusive resources that aren’t quite as forthcoming as others.

While you should be able to analyse most things relatively easily, a few key items are only found in very specific places and take a great deal of effort to track down.

Grounded Walkthrough - All BURGL Super Chip and Lab Locations

Grounded Resource Guides

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