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Grounded: How to open the Haze lab and survive the gas

And you thought the stinkbugs smelled bad!

While it might not be as massive as the others, the Haze Lab in Grounded is in the most inhospitable area yet.

The whole area around Haze Lab is toxic, so you either need to craft a gas mask out of a Weevil Nose and Stinkbug parts or the Toxicology Badge, which you found underwater on your way to the Pond Lab.

The recipe for crafting a bratburst explosive in Grounded

You also need to craft an explosive, which is made of fungal growth - from infected creatures in the Hazea area - an ant grub from the red ant hill near the mysterious machine, and some dry grass chunks.

Once you've combined all of those ingredients, you get a Bratburst explosive which can be used to gain access to blocked areas.

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How do you get into the Haze Lab in Grounded?

The map location of the Haze Lab in Grounded

With the Bratburstyou have crafted from the instructions above, blow open the door to the Haze Lab on the southern side of the Haze area - right in the middle.

The door you need to break down to enter the Haze Lab in Grounded

Press the biometric scanner, then press the button inside. Pick up the notes and tapes, then continue through the unlocked door and down the tunnel.

Defeat the robots and follow the tunnel all the way around, ignoring the underground cavern full of infected weevils for now.

The button you need to push to progress in the Haze Lab in Grounded

Press the button inside the room full of exploding fungus to continue.

A switch you need to pull to open the sealed door in the Haze Lab in Grounded

Then there’s a terminal with a lever you need to pull through the door on the other side, this unlocks the door in the cavern above.

An infected weevil in the Haze Lab in Grounded

Press the button once you’re there to open this side and try to bait the weevils into exploding a safe distance away from you.

Run through the tunnel, then dive through the water until you reach a lab door.

An infected ladybug in the Haze Lab in Grounded

Read the notes and press the button inside. On the other side of the door there’s an infected ladybug you need to fight.

The location of the Haze Lab chip in Grounded

When it’s defeated, use the biometric scanner on the far side of the room to open the final room, then claim the third Super Chip for yourself.

Return to your formerly fry-cooking friend with your prize to unlock more goodies at the science terminal, as well as continue the story!

Here's our hub page to continue with our Grounded Walkthrough!

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