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How do you make explosives in Grounded? Fungal Growth and Red Ant Egg locations

Bugs go boom!

Sometimes, even when you’re just dealing with woodlice and ladybugs, you just need to blow stuff up. That’s where explosives come into the scene in Grounded, Obsidian’s new pint-sized survival game, but they’re not as simple to make as other vital items.

While one of the key ingredients is readily available, the other two can be extremely tough to lay your tiny hands on - only appearing in specific areas of the yard that are either inhospitable or actively dangerous.

You need explosives for many key quests in Grounded though, as well as access to new areas, so here’s what you need to do to craft some.

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How do you make explosives in Grounded?

The recipe for explosives in Grounded is two Fungal Growths, one Red Ant Egg and four chunks of dry grass.

Dry grass is abundantly available and should be easy enough to find if you don’t have plenty already.

Fungal Growth location

Fungal Growth is dropped by infected animals in the haze area in the southwest of the yard. You can see the poisonous cloud as green on the map.

An infected ladybug that drops Fungal Growth in Grounded
Infected bugs, like this infected ladybug, drop Fungal Growth

You either need a gas mask made out of a Weevil Nose, four Gnat Fuzz, a Stinkbug Part and some Crude Rope, or the Toxicology Badge that you find during the Pond Lab quest.

Once you’re protected from the gas, you can take on just about any infected bug to collect some Fungal Growth from their corpse. Gnats or Mites are probably easiest, but they’re much tougher than their regular version.

Red Ant Egg location

To get some Red Ant eggs, you need to head over to the Red Ant Hill to the west of the Mysterious Machine.

From the Mysterious Machine go a little north to the box of mints then head directly west (left on the map).

After a short while you will appear near the Red Ant Hill, which is guarded by Red Ant Soldiers.

The location of a Red Ant Egg in Grounded
Be careful! Red Ant Eggs can hatch!

Fight them off, then make your way down the entrance hole into the subterranean tunnels. Inside you might be able to find some smaller Red Ant Workers carrying some eggs around the place. Otherwise, check the corners of the large cavern at the bottom of the entrance tunnel and you should find a few Red Ant Eggs.

Once you’ve collected some Red Ant Eggs, immediately return to your camp to turn them into explosives, otherwise they can hatch and waste your effort!

With explosives in hand you can now take on the boulder underneath the oak tree, open the Haze Lab, smash the glass in the Black Ant Lab, and open the Upper Yard Ascent.

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