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Glasgow-based auction house to disperse Realtime Worlds office equipment


This is rather sad, actually.

Sweeney Kincaid Industrial Auctioneering will be handling the sale of Realtime Worlds' high-end IT equipment and office furniture via an online auction slated to end at noon, Dundee time, on November 12.

To get a look at the offerings, there's an incomplete online catalog here, and interested parties can view the equipment on Wednesday, November 10 from 10am - 4pm at Realtime World, Dundee.

Over 1,000 different lots are expected to go up for bid ranging from 600 personal computers from Dell and Lenovo, HP & Dell Servers, and Alienware gaming PCs.

There will also be a large quantity of flat panel monitors, desks and chairs and office equipment for up to 250 staff to be sold in bulk or piecemeal.

The auction just brings back to light the sad state of RTW, which was officially shutdown last month along with the APB MMO, and despite rumors of patch notes floating around, a buyer for the game has yet to be announced.

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