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"Patch notes" hint APB could get Lazarus treatment


Salvation? Maybe.

APB game was shut down, staff at Realtime Worlds were laid off, and EA even started handing out games to people who'd bought the title on Steam.

APB is dead.

However, speculation is firing up once more of a comeback for the crime-flavoured MMOFPS - borne from purported patch notes:

It's looking like there might be light at the end of the tunnel for APB. The end of the administration process is apparently close and there appears to be a buyer for the game.

A buyer failed to materialise whilst APB was still operational, with administrator Begbies Traynor previously stating no potential suitor was "comfortable with buying it as a live operation".

One hot contender to buy the very much dead game would be Epic, with VP Mark Rein's enthusiasm contributing in part to buzz last month that the North Carolina-based developer was interested in picking up the failed MMO.

Quite what those "patch notes" are, though, is anyone's guess. Take with a huge pinch of salt.

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