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E3 Friday shorts - the ultimate death edition

In the name of God. Just stop.

  • "Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Screens On 3DS," says Siliconera. We can't argue with that.
  • "Sin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked E3 Trailer," says Gamefront. Again...
  • Namco showed something called Go Vacation at E3. It's a Wii thingy. You can surf in it. Destructoid has that.
  • In-studio culture is important to BioWare, reports Gama. Who knew?
  • CVG's got a quote from Cliff Bleszinski saying he may want to make a triple A game mobile component in the future but that the PSN breach will make it more difficult.
  • "2K Sports on NBA Elite: We 'don't care' if EA Sports has a basketball game," is Joystiq's headline. Elaboration is folly.
  • An Australian professor thinks games are a good teaching tool. Read more on GamePolitics.
  • Ex-Bond girl Sybil Danning is making a cloud-based shooter called Ruger. We're not even making this up. Look on GameInsider.
  • There's a bit about LotRO's European migration on Massively. It went well, apparently.
  • Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D has alternate costumes. See them on Gamesradar.
  • Ivy will be 49 in the next Soul Calibur. Has she aged? No. Read this is more words on Kotaku.
  • Miyamoto told Jenova Chen that Journey is "beautiful" at E3. He's a photo to prove it.
  • Space combat MMO Black Prophecy has entered open beta in the US. That's on Shacknews.
  • APB's getting player politics, along similar lines to EVE Online. Massively has that.
  • IGN's got some Risen 2 screens from E3.

Now be quiet. We're trying to sleep.

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