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APB Reloaded beta reaches 250,000 applicants

The APB Reloaded closed beta is proceeding well, with demand far outstripping available testing positions and a European launch planned for the near future.

The APB Reloaded blog reports the closed beta now includes 25,000 testers, and has seen up to 1,600 simultaneous players - higher than expected.

The European closed beta will be dated soon, with another 25,000 testers added to the fold, and cross-region play permitted.

The closed beta has so far received over 250,000 applications. K2 Network has maintained its promise that disappointed applicants will be given early access to APB Reloaded prior to open beta.

The closed beta began in early March and saw 100,000 applications in just over a month.

APB Reloaded is the relaunch of Realtime World's failed gangster MMO, All Points Bulletin. No release date has been set.

Thanks, Big Download.

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