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PS5 classic Ghost of Tsushima is launching May 16 on Steam

The Steam page popped up out of nowhere, giving PC players a slick new game to look forward to.

Surprise! The Modern PlayStation classic Ghosts of Tsushima has just gotten itself a Steam store page. You can pre-order the director's cut of the game on PC right now ahead of its listed May 16 release.

This listing has popped up seemingly out of nowhere, but has the beloved action game listed for £49.99 (or your regional equivilent) on the PC storefront. This marks roughly four years since the game's initial release on PS4, and around about three years since it came to the PS5.

This sudden PC listing came alongside a post on PlayStation's social media platforms, including X (formerly know as Twitter) in we can see a short but sweet PC announcement trailer confirming this version will have all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a proper port. This includes adaptive triggers, all the DLC you'd want, and the much-loved Kurosawa mode.

The game, which sold more than 10 million units as of a year ago, was well-reviewed by critics (including us) and the general gaming public alike, and stood out as one of the PlayStation's more prestigous titles in recent memory.

This also comes following Sony's pledge to bring out more PC ports of its big-hitter games. It has previously found success porting titles including Marvel's Spider-Man, God of War, and more. This falls in line with the company's wider strategy, to put out major exclusives on its consoles first, then dish out these popular games to the PC market later down the line. Ghost of Tsushima certainly took a while, but it seems its SuckerPunch's time to get some home computer love.

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